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Smart bra that measures mood & helps prevent over-eating!

Southampton researchers help develop smart bra to measure mood to help prevent over-eating

m.c. schraefel, a professor in computer science and human performance design from the University of Southampton has helped to design a smart bra that can detect changes in mood, with the hope of preventing emotionally-triggered overeating in women.

The prototype contains removable sensors that monitor heart and skin activity. The data collected is processed via a model to determine the emotional state and the intervention is sent to the wearer via a smartphone app. These physical symptoms are supposed to indicate mood, which a woman can track in order to highlight when ‘emotional eating’ is likely to occur.

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Mental disorders lead to greater heart disease risk

Men with mental disorders are more at risk of developing coronary heart disease, according to a study by the Universities of Southampton and Edinburgh.

Researchers have identified an increased risk of non-fatal or fatal heart disease across a spectrum of mental conditions, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, neurotic disorders, substance-use disorders and personality disorders.

The study evaluated more than one million Swedish men, born between 1950 and 1976 who underwent psychiatric and medical assessment during military conscription examinations and were then followed up for around 22 years.

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Marine reserves enhance resilience to climate change!

A new study, led by a University of Southampton scientist, highlights the potential for fish communities in marine reserves to resist climate change impacts better than communities on fished coasts.

The study, which is published today in the journal Nature Climate Change, involved an Australian research team from the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies at the University of Tasmania and the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Marine and Atmospheric Research.

The researchers looked at different types of fish community responses to both short- and long-term environmental variability. They found that marine reserves have the potential to build community resilience through mechanisms that promote species and functional stability, and resist colonisation by warm water vagrants.

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World population map helps combat poverty and poor health

A team of researchers led by the University of Southampton has launched an online project to map detailed population information from countries around the world.

The WorldPop website aims to provide open access to global demographic data which can be used to help tackle challenges such as, poverty, public health, sustainable urban development and food security.

Geographer at Southampton Dr Andy Tatem, who is leading the project, says: “Our maps and data are helping charities, policy-makers, governments and researchers to make decisions which affect the quality of people’s lives. These could be as diverse as predicting the spread of infectious diseases, planning the development of transport systems or distributing vital aid to disaster zones.”

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Early Take-Up for Newly Refurbished Business Centre

United Business Centres has received a positive response for its new serviced office centre in Southampton, ahead of its official launch on 4th December 2013.

Since acquiring Enterprise House earlier this year, United Business Centres has been steadily transforming the previously tired, rundown space into a smart contemporary business environment.

Re-development of the business centre, which occupies three floors of the former Victorian warehouse, includes an overhaul of the reception, office space, communal areas, kitchens and bathrooms. New furniture has been incorporated and the centre benefits from an abundance of natural light, thanks to the installation of glazed panels throughout.

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Wind Turbines!

Southampton to help boost the wind energy sector by improving the reliability of wind turbines

The University of Southampton is a key partner in the European-wide WINDTRUST project, which aims to enhance the wind energy sector by improving turbine reliability.

The effectiveness of wind energy generation depends on wind turbine reliability and the ability to minimise down-times. WINDTRUST, which started last month, will meet this objective of improving the competitiveness of the wind energy sector by further enhancing the design of three key components: the rotor blades, the power electronics and the wind turbine controller.

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Back to the future: Nostalgia Increases Optimism

New research from the University of Southampton shows that feeling nostalgic about the past will increase optimism about the future.

The research, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, examined the idea that nostalgia is not simply a past-orientated emotion but its scope extends into the future, with a positive outlook.

Dr Tim Wildschut, co-author of the study, comments: “Nostalgia is experienced frequently and virtually by everyone and we know that it can maintain psychological comfort. For example, nostalgic reverie can combat loneliness. We wanted to take that a step further and assess whether it can increase a feeling of optimism about the future.”

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Southampton collaboration to open up world of sound!

The University of Southampton has announced a new collaboration with one of China’s largest telecommunications companies to develop innovative consumer audio technologies.

The joint research project between the University’s world-renowned Institute of Sound and Vibration Research and Huawei, a leading global ICT solutions provider, aims to develop new technologies for products, such as laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

One of the main research areas will be to create higher-quality 3D sound to match the rapid developments in personalised and interactive audio technologies. Dr Filippo Fazi Professor Philip Nelson and colleagues from ISVR have developed a super-surround-sound system, by experimenting with a giant sphere that has 40 loudspeakers on its surface, which could produce an experience much more similar to what we hear in the real world.

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New Web Science Institute: How the Web will shape our future

The University of Southampton is launching the new Web Science Institute on the 11 November to investigate how the World Wide Web is changing the world and the world is changing the Web.

The Web is the largest information system ever constructed and a social and technical phenomenon that has transformed the world and continues to do so in innovative and unexpected ways that will shape our future. We can’t predict how the Web will change our society, but Southampton has taken a lead in developing new forms of economic, social, political, technological and cultural resources based on a deep understanding of the Web's technologies and social construction.

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Affordable ladies boutique opens in Romsey

A brand new shop called, ‘Bojangles Boutique’ has opened in the heart of Romsey, the shop is owned and run by local entrepreneurs Claire Sykes and Kristelle Fillaut.

The well known mother and daughter team previously known for the highly successful Bojangles Brides in the town now sees them branching out, thanks to public demand, with the ladies fashion store, whilst they will still keep their links with prom wear and evening wear.

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Unions vow to fight plans against job cuts

Portsmouth has been used as a ship-building site for over 800 years, providing jobs to thousands of local workers over the centuries. Now, in 2013 Portsmouth’s long ship building history is threatened to come to a stand still - Shipbuilding is planned to cease in the city from 2014.

This November, Unions have vowed to fight plans to cut hundreds of jobs in Portsmouth, and are determined to maintain the livelihoods of the shipyard workers.

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Explore the World's Oceans...For Free!

The University of Southampton today (4 November) launches its second Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), which will allow people to explore our underwater world and see our planet as never before.

The ‘Exploring our Oceans’ MOOC will enable anyone to study online, for free, wherever they are in the world. To take part in the MOOC, no previous experience is required, there is no admission interview and no need to have ever studied online or even in higher education.


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