Tasha Ault Alternative Pain Relief Southampton

The way to a pain-free life?

Southampton’s alternative pain relief expert Tasha Ault promises lasting relief from pain without drugs, using unique, non-invasive treatments. But do they work? Your Southampton editor Sharon Bexley tried them out…

I first put my back out four years ago, during an over-enthusiastic bout of DIY. Back pain has bothered me on and off ever since, striking often without warning and making movement difficult for several days.

Looking for back pain relief, I was recommended to try a local chiropractor. Treatment was costly and my back did clear up, but only for a while. (I had my suspicions that the pain would have cleared up by itself anyway, despite the treatment.)


Along with an old knee injury sustained on a skiing holiday more than 20 years ago, I firmly believed I’d just have to live with the discomfort.

That was before I met pain relief therapist Tasha Ault. Tasha’s company, Alternative Pain Relief, offers non-invasive therapies which, it’s claimed, take the body through the healing cycle and offer effective and lasting pain relief for a huge range of pain and health problems. I was more than interested. Tasha invited me along to her restful, tranquil studio in Woolston, Southampton, to try out the treatments and see what I thought.

First of all I was invited to climb onto an intriguing looking massage bed for a session of Cycloidal Massage therapy - also known as Cycloidal Vibration Technology, or CVT. The bed is blissfully comfortable, cradling the body while it vibrates gently, producing a tremendous feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Tasha discovered the bed at a health exhibition.  “I tried out the Cycloidal Massage bed and I couldn’t believe how great I felt after just one session. I just had to buy one!” she says.


Tasha realised the value of the treatment as an alternative to drugs or other therapies. She trained to be an Alternative Pain Relief practitioner, also specializing in SCENAR therapy (Self-Controlled Energy Neural Adaptive Regulation) alongside Cycloidal Massage treatments. In short, SCENAR is a lasting form of pain relief originally developed by Russian scientists for the Space programme. Electro-magnetic currents are applied via a hand-held device to the point of the pain, encouraging the brain to produce healing chemical signals called neuropeptides, which speed up healing. “Effectively, retraining the body to heal itself,” Tasha explains.

Tasha discovered the effectiveness of SCENAR for herself, when she was in agony from a perforated disc and a broken coccyx. She had also been suffering from an immune disorder and work-related stress. Now the picture of glowing health, SCENAR therapy and Cycloidal Massage have, she says, left her free from pain.

“These treatments are non-invasive, non-toxic, gentle and have no side effects. They often break through where nothing else has,” she adds.


Science apart, after just one 45 minute session on the Cycloidal Massage bed, along with SCENAR treatment on my aching knee, I’m astonished to report that both problem areas feel significantly better – in particular,  my knee pain has dramatically lessened. Several days later the improvement was still there, and I’m genuinely amazed at such a result from just one treatment.

Cycloidal Massage and SCENAR therapy can, it's claimed, offer relief for a host of conditions including:

Back/neck/knee pain

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Sports injuries

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Frozen shoulder


And many more!

To find out more about these remarkable treatments and how they work, visit Tasha’s website at www.alternativepainrelief.co.uk where you can also read more about Tasha and testimonials from other clients. Or call 02380 007246.

Tasha’s treatment studio is in Woolston but she also works in health clubs in the Southampton and Fareham areas. Treatments from £40 for 45 minutes Cycloidal massage; two treatments for 1 hour £55.


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