Tasha Ault Alternative Pain Relief Southampton

The way to a pain-free life?

Southampton’s alternative pain relief expert Tasha Ault promises lasting relief from pain without drugs, using unique, non-invasive treatments. But do they work? Your Southampton editor Sharon Bexley tried them out…

pine nut oil supplier Southampton

The benefits of Siberian Pine Nut Oil

Pine nut oil products in Southampton

Here’s everything you will ever need to know about the benefits of Siberian pine nut oil…

Our Siberian pine nut oil is a premium quality oil cold-pressed from the kernels of Siberian pine. In Siberia, pine nut oil has been used for many years as a natural way to help soothe digestive inflammation, support circulatory health, boost sex drive in men, and combat respiratory infection.

The medical and scientific community are now paying more attention to the natural healing properties of pine nut oil. Scientists in Russia and elsewhere are carrying out research into some of these – so far no side-effects have been reported.


Austin Brewer - Look Good, Feel Good

Look Good, Feel Good with Austin Brewer

Austin Brewer has worked within the medical profession for over 20 years, specialising in facial aesthetics since 2004. His commitment and enthusiasm is testament to the professional, unique and personal care that he dedicates to each individual.

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Five Minutes With Austin Brewer…

Austin, owner of Austin Brewer talks about what it is like to be one of the South’s most experienced cosmetic practitioners, and his plans for the future.


Treatments for Lines and Wrinkles

With over 20 years of experience within the medical profession and specialising in facial aesthetic; Austin Brewer is a leading practitioner in his field offering specialist facial aesthetic treatments for lines, wrinkles, age spots, skin tags, excessive sweating and non surgical treatments.

What are treatments for lines and wrinkles and how do they work?

The Botulinum Toxin Type A is a highly purified protein. It has been used medically for many years before it was noticed to have cosmetic advantages. When injected into the muscles it relaxes the target area resulting in reduced muscle activity as it acts at the junction between the nerves and the muscles to prevent the release of a chemical messenger called acetylcholine from the nerve endings this prevents the muscle from contracting.

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Looking Younger for Longer

Facial treatments in Dorset

We all want to look and feel our best, no matter what the occasion. Taking care of your skin from an early age is the key to looking younger; moisturising, protecting your skin with sun cream, taking your make up off; all of these things help towards maintaining the appearance of healthy, youthful skin. But, sometimes, we need a little extra help in order to achieve our desired look. Austin Brewer is a first class skin practitioner based in Southbourne that offer a variety of skin treatments, which are designed to do just this.

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Do you suffer from neck and shoulder pain?

The Patient

Rachael Potter (32), is a swimming coach and the owner of Bubbles Swim School and is a competitive swimmer in Dorset and represents GB masters. She was 1st for the 1500m main event for her age group in the master and 2nd in GB master for 400m and 800m. Her open water event pier to pier 1.4 miles she completed in 27 minutes and came 7th overall. Rachael is due to compete end of this year. Furthermore Rachael also cares for disabled children as a youth care.


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