Blu Lake planning for a fulfilling old age

Old Age - or Bold Age?

A happy ending or a happy beginning – you decide

If you were asked to invest all your spare cash (let’s pretend you have loads of it!) in one of these definitions, which would you choose and why?

A) Retirement: “To leave your job or stop working because of old age or ill health”

B) Bold Age: “To have the courage, desire and resources to continue to grow, in your own way, whatever number is on your birthday card”

Whilst retirement is a ‘thing’, I think the definition above insinuates that:

Retirement means disengaging from work;

You are less able to contribute as you get older;

It is not within your control; it happens to you

- which is why I created and work with option B.


Blu Lake- Professional Corporate & Life Coach

Last month I shared what many people say are the three hardest things about retirement. Let’s now explore some considerations required to prepare for this phase of life. I mentioned last month that retirement doesn’t mean stopping, it’s a transition to a new, exciting phase of life. You may spend more time in retirement than in your traditional working life so you’re looking for ways to live your dreams…ways to achieve Bold Age.


Relax and let your Letting Agent take the Strain

Landlords, are you confident enough to manage your property yourself? Unless you have a lot of experience, spare time to attend training courses and have the right access to legal and practical information you could be risking fines and even imprisonment if you get it wrong. In order to protect their investment, all landlords need to be aware of their statutory obligations together with the rights of the tenants living in their property.


Christmas Property Care List

Once again the Christmas and New Year break is fast approaching and most people cannot understand where the year has gone. There is a last minute rush to get everything organised and in the rush, some important tasks can be forgotten.



It is impossible to accurately predict the weather, but you can always predict that at this time of year your property needs a little more care and attention than usual. However, there are some routine items which if carried out in good time could help to minimize problems, whether the weather is just wet and windy or freezing.

1. Firstly, always check your rainwater goods are maintained. Clear out guttering and repair leaking joints or replace guttering if necessary. Also check down pipes are running freely and gulleys are clear.

2. Ensure that your central heating boiler or other form of heating has been serviced and is working correctly and efficiently. No one wants a nasty surprise in the middle of a cold spell. Plumbers and Gas Engineers are extra busy at this time of year, so that even minor works can take longer than usual to fix.


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