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Calling All Hay Fever Sufferers…

In my nearly 10 years as a homeopath I've had my most satisfying results treating people for hay fever. I reckon I have an 80-90% success rate in easing symptoms (significantly easing them!), and sometimes I can get rid of them completely. People who've been walking balls of itching and irritation for years are often astounded that they can actually live a normal life. If I treat someone for more than one season, there is a possibility of eradicating their hay fever altogether.

But I would say that, wouldn't I?! You have every right to be doubtful…

Good clinical proof that homeopathy is more than just placebo is a bit thin on the ground and, yes, I know there's been a lot of adverse publicity that homeopathic remedies are nothing but sugar pills. So this year I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and prove it! I'm going to show that homeopathy is a highly effective way of treating people with hay fever by conducting a study at Boldre Homeopathic Practice.

Sue Leach, New Forest Homeopathy

Build Yourself Up for Winter

The warm weather has to come to an end sooner or later. And when there's a dip in temperature or weather change, that's when we all start to go down with the lurgies that spread like wildfire. Here are seven ways to build up your immunity so you're less likely to succumb to colds, flu and viruses. Boldre Homeopathic Practice stocks all the products listed below, plus we're offering a special Pre-winter MOT for just £40. This is a top-to-toe check-up where we assess you and give you individualised guidelines on what you should take to get your immune system in good shape for the dark months ahead.

Sue Leach, New Forest Homeopathy

Back-To-School Blues

So you've done it! The kids are back at school, your toddler's survived his first foray into nursery, life's got back to some semblance of normality. But has it?

If your child's quiet and sullen and won't say why… If each morning is a battle because someone is really not happy at being back at school… If that bullying and sniping has restarted from day one… and if you're feeling bereft each time you hand your little one over… then read on. Homeopathy is helping lots of families through school wobbles at the moment. And in the next month I'll be having lots of visits from mums who're not quite themselves after dispatching their young adult to university.

Here are just a few of the many remedies that can help.


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