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I’m sure you all watch the various programmes on ‘doing up your home’ whether it is for your own use, to sell or to rent out. I am constantly amazed how they manage to build a new extension, plaster and decorate rooms, fit kitchens and bathrooms and even treat dry rot or subsidence issues in only two days!

Hopefully most people realise they should be a little more realistic with the time frame and it would also be useful if the programmes actually include costs, although some do and these usually point out how you should always allow a little more than you first estimate as hidden problems can arise.

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Property Management for Landlords

Property Management Service in Southampton

Landlords are you confident enough to manage your property yourself? Unless you have a lot of experience, spare time and the right access to legal and practical information you can actually save money by using a reputable Managing Agent.

Managing a property may look easy and many opt to do it themselves, which is fine until something goes wrong.

Any landlord will need to be aware of his statutory obligations. A non- compliant landlord could receive a large fine or possible imprisonment. Landlords also need to know the rights of a tenant living in his property.

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Tenant and Landlord Charges...

2013 brought many changes to legislation and these have affected the management of all properties, whether individual houses or blocks of flats. However, not all rulings are fully understood or complied with.

For Agents, one of the main changes last year affected the use of Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). From 9th January 2013 the energy rating had to be included in all advertisements and if space allowed the graph should be shown. Earlier advice was that the entire report should be displayed, so this made things a lot easier for agents and landlords when advertising a property. It is a legal requirement that an EPC is in place for all properties before they are advertised or marketed as being “to let” or for sale.

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Reformed Plastics - Frequently Asked Questions...

Why are recycled plastic products different?

Plastic lumber is the perfect alternative to anything that has ever needed maintaining. Plastic lumber can be cut with a regular saw, drilled, nailed, or screwed into, and routed as easily as wood.

The main benefits of plastic products are:

  • They do not rot.
  • They do not need painting or staining.
  • They are wear resistant.
  • They are resistant to vandalism.
  • They are resistant to salt water.
  • They are resistant to insects and bacteria.
  • They do not split or splinter.
  • They are completely maintenance free.
  • Graffiti resistant.
  • They are resistant to the elements.
  • They are resistant to chemicals.
  • They will not break, even in extremely hot or cold conditions.
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Landlords and Tenants...

Although most landlords prefer the peace of mind that using a professional firm to manage their properties provides, some prefer to manage properties themselves but use Letting Agents for finding and referencing tenants. At Harcourts this is becoming an increasing aspect of our Letting Department’s work.

We would always recommend using an Agent to provide the letting paperwork, as once a tenant is found and has moved into their new property, there are still regulations and obligations to be acknowledged and understood by both the landlord and the tenant.


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