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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

"Diets don’t work"

"When I am on a diet, I can’t stop thinking about food!"

"I am being good this week"

"I shouldn’t eat that"

Does that Sound Familiar?

When we ‘go' on a diet - we seem to become obsessed about food. We constantly think about what we are ‘allowed’ to or ‘should’ eat, when we will eat. We follow the diet plan for a while, we see the number on the scales going down, perhaps we buy a new outfit. We feel very pleased with ourselves and ‘come off the diet’............ and what happens next? That’s right, those pounds creep back on... and off you go again, the newest, the latest diet!

The problem with diets is that we are either ‘on or off them’, our goal is to lose weight - but what do we want to do when we lose something - that’s right, find it again!

My Story

I really do know what it is like to be overweight! I was very large for some years, to the extent that my mobility was becoming restricted. I was fortunate not to have any significant health problems though I had joint pain and was worn out all the time! I absolutely believe that weight loss starts in our minds.

Take The Mind And The Body Will Follow

I did exactly that and became my own client, putting into place all the skills I have learnt over the years I have been a Hypnotherapist. I put into practice the techniques I have learnt in the many my training course I attend and what I have learnt from my work with clients.

I looked at my eating habits and behaviour and designed coping skills to deal with them. I looked at the emotional and environmental reasons for my overeating, by environmental reason I mean the day to day stuff, the things around us - going for a coffee with friends and ordering a cake, snacking in the evening, that sort of thing. I gained a real and deep understanding of my often unconscious bad habits. That was big step along the path to getting rid of those old habits and changing them to habits that were more beneficial to me.

I looked at all the reasons I gave myself for not losing weight - and you know what? They were not reasons, they were excuses! So I set about changing those excuses into real reasons that would motivate me.

I dumped the word lose. What do we want to do when we lose something? That's right, we want to find it again! Think ‘the size, shape and weight I choose to be - that‘s right for me’

I set goals, these goals were not weight related, not numbers on the scales. I don't know about you but I find if I focus on the number on the scales I become obsessed with jumping on and off them several times a day! You too? My goals are what I call NSV's -

Non Scale Victories. To fit in an aircraft seat without having to use a seat belt extension, to walk a mile fast, fit into the next size clothes size down, cut my own toenails. I wonder what would your NSV's be?

As I progressed and achieved each NSV, I made another more challenging one. Many of my goals are exercise related, to date I have completed a 5K event & the London Moonwalk Half Marathon 13.2 miles! Not bad for someone who would drive to the corner shop. Oh, and yes I do get on the scales about every 5 weeks and I am delighted to report that currently (August 2014) I have reduced my weight by six, yes, 6 stones!

Every day I use my mind to keep myself motivated to reach the size, shape and weight that pleases me.

No more obsessing about what I should or shouldn’t eat, just naturally making sensible and intelligent choices about food and exercise.

You might be thinking Well it's OK for Lindsay Shepherd Hypnotherapist, she knows what to do, I don't. You'd be right, but the thing is I wasn't doing it. And let's be honest, we probably all do know what we need to do to become the size and weight we want to be don't we? This is where your mind comes in -

Take The Mind And The Body Will Follow

You too can do it, you really can.

Manage your Mind, Manage Your Weight - Work With Lindsay Shepherd

When you work with Lindsay Shepherd Hypnotherapy to reduce your weight, we'll look at your eating habits and behaviour, the emotional and environmental reasons for your overeating, gain an understanding of those often unconscious bad habits. Together we’ll design coping skills and techniques to deal with those old habits that do not serve you well. Then we'll get rid of the old excuses, replacing them with some powerful motivating skills.

No more obsessing about what you should or shouldn’t eat, just naturally making sensible and intelligent choices about food and exercise.

You’ll learn how to cope with setbacks and how to love your new body - the size, shape and weight that is right for you.

While on my own weight management journey I have obviously learnt a lot about fitness and nutrition, while I am happy to share my experiences, I do not hold qualifiactions or am able to give advice in either. When you work with me, we are concentrating on your mind to help you make those changes.

Of course, the techniques I use for myself to become leaner and fitter may not be right way for you, so when you work with me to reduce your weight, you will have your own personalised hypnotherapy Weight Reduction Programme.

And by learning all these new things, and becoming the size shape and weight you choose, you'll notice other areas of your life just get better and better. You can become more confident, have greater self esteem, and enhance your life and happiness. Wouldn't that be fantastic?

To learn more about Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss, or to book an appointment at my Bournemouth Hypnotherapy practice, contact me via my contact page or call: Lindsay Shepherd 01202 511096

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