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Relax and let your Letting Agent take the Strain

Landlords, are you confident enough to manage your property yourself? Unless you have a lot of experience, spare time to attend training courses and have the right access to legal and practical information you could be risking fines and even imprisonment if you get it wrong. In order to protect their investment, all landlords need to be aware of their statutory obligations together with the rights of the tenants living in their property.

blu lake

Blu Lake

Bold Age - Family Matters

Here we have it; the answer to all your family dynamic questions…just joking, I would be a billionaire if I had that to market! In this part of the Bold Age blog series though I am sharing some of the considerations in this area that we either worry about, or don’t pay enough attention to when planning for this phase of life.

Sue Leach in Boldre clinic

Calling All Hay Fever Sufferers…

In my nearly 10 years as a homeopath I've had my most satisfying results treating people for hay fever. I reckon I have an 80-90% success rate in easing symptoms (significantly easing them!), and sometimes I can get rid of them completely. People who've been walking balls of itching and irritation for years are often astounded that they can actually live a normal life. If I treat someone for more than one season, there is a possibility of eradicating their hay fever altogether.

But I would say that, wouldn't I?! You have every right to be doubtful…

Good clinical proof that homeopathy is more than just placebo is a bit thin on the ground and, yes, I know there's been a lot of adverse publicity that homeopathic remedies are nothing but sugar pills. So this year I've decided to put my money where my mouth is and prove it! I'm going to show that homeopathy is a highly effective way of treating people with hay fever by conducting a study at Boldre Homeopathic Practice.


The Alchemy of Debt Recovery

Debt Recovery Specialist in Dorset

The definition of “alchemy” is supernatural power! I have had the accusation levelled at me that I do in fact possess a gift when it comes to the skill of recovering monies that are owed to my clients. I am not sure that being called a witch is terribly complimentary!

The reality is that providing my client prepares the ground work and, keeps his or her house in good order then my job is made that much easier. Well documented files are a must should it come down to non payment because of a dispute.

That preparation by my client starts at the point of sale...It doesn’t matter whether my client is selling a widget, recruitment services, scaffolding, accountancy, or marketing services, the list is endless. What does matter is that you know your customer / client as intimately as possible.


Recycling Never Looked So Good

Recycled Plastic Products in Bournemouth

Plastic has many practical and very useful properties and has an infinite range of different uses, some of which being are as decking, fencing, outdoor furniture, planters, boardwalks, landscaping, bollards, signage and construction etc.

The list of possibilities is endless and the long-term advantages it has over traditional materials are staggering!

It’s a great investment, as it never needs to be replaced due to its high strength and durability, therefore it quickly pays for itself in the long run. In short, it’s worry free!


Christmas Property Care List

Once again the Christmas and New Year break is fast approaching and most people cannot understand where the year has gone. There is a last minute rush to get everything organised and in the rush, some important tasks can be forgotten.

Blu Lake meaning of life picasso quote

Blu Lake: Living Life on Purpose

This month we ask the question; ‘What is the meaning of life? Embarrassingly, Siri’s response sums it up well: “I don’t believe there is a consensus on that question.”

There are as many different ways of finding meaning in life as there are people in the world, because we are all unique after all. So, how the heck do you find life meaning in Bold Age and why is it so important?

aeg prints

AEG Prints

When choosing your custom garments, deciding between polo shirts or t-shirts can be a difficult decision as they are both so similar. Both are comfortable, casual, budget friendly and handle embroidery and screen print well. How are you meant to choose when there’s so little difference? Here’s the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you pick the best garment for you, whether you’re looking to update your uniform or planning a one off event.


Reformed Plastics will suit you!

Here in the UK we can normally guarantee that the weather is never guaranteed!

Our weather can be a real mixed bag, ranging from sweltering heat waves to cold and torrential downpours with only a moments notice! As a result, extreme weather conditions can have disastrous effects on conventional outdoor furniture, features and fixtures, causing them to rot and deteriorate, which could make them dangerous to use, not only now but anytime of year.

Reformed Plastics offer you the chance to invest in outdoor products that will not only look great, but will not break or decay, even in the most turbulent of times.

Reformed Plastics’ can offer you a great solution for keeping safe at home and/or work…We offer anti-slip walkways and decking that have 85% more friction than hard wood, even when wet. This means that you can walk around your garden without the risk of falling over on dirty and slimy surfaces. Our walkways and decking come in black and brown as standard, and are completely maintenance free. They also will not rot or splinter, and last for over 50 years.



It is impossible to accurately predict the weather, but you can always predict that at this time of year your property needs a little more care and attention than usual. However, there are some routine items which if carried out in good time could help to minimize problems, whether the weather is just wet and windy or freezing.

1. Firstly, always check your rainwater goods are maintained. Clear out guttering and repair leaking joints or replace guttering if necessary. Also check down pipes are running freely and gulleys are clear.

2. Ensure that your central heating boiler or other form of heating has been serviced and is working correctly and efficiently. No one wants a nasty surprise in the middle of a cold spell. Plumbers and Gas Engineers are extra busy at this time of year, so that even minor works can take longer than usual to fix.

Blu Lake planning for a fulfilling old age

Bold Age - Live to Work or Work to Live?

Remember last month we started to redefine retirement, considering:

Bold Age: “To have the courage, desire and resources to continue to grow, in your own way, whatever number is on your birthday card.”

Given this more empowering description of Bold Age, the question I explore with clients is: ‘what role could work play in your life in this new stage?’

Blu Lake planning for a fulfilling old age

Old Age - or Bold Age?

A happy ending or a happy beginning – you decide

If you were asked to invest all your spare cash (let’s pretend you have loads of it!) in one of these definitions, which would you choose and why?

A) Retirement: “To leave your job or stop working because of old age or ill health”

B) Bold Age: “To have the courage, desire and resources to continue to grow, in your own way, whatever number is on your birthday card”

Whilst retirement is a ‘thing’, I think the definition above insinuates that:

Retirement means disengaging from work;

You are less able to contribute as you get older;

It is not within your control; it happens to you

- which is why I created and work with option B.


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