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hypnosis in Southampton

Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

"Diets don’t work"

"When I am on a diet, I can’t stop thinking about food!"

"I am being good this week"

"I shouldn’t eat that"

Does that Sound Familiar?

When we ‘go' on a diet - we seem to become obsessed about food. We constantly think about what we are ‘allowed’ to or ‘should’ eat, when we will eat. We follow the diet plan for a while, we see the number on the scales going down, perhaps we buy a new outfit. We feel very pleased with ourselves and ‘come off the diet’............ and what happens next? That’s right, those pounds creep back on... and off you go again, the newest, the latest diet!


Enjoy the Outdoors

Extreme weather conditions can have disastrous effects on conventional outdoor furniture and fixtures, causing them to rot and deteriorate, which makes them dangerous to use.

Reformed Plastics offer you the chance to invest in outdoor furniture that will not only look great, but will not break or decay, even in the most turbulent of times.

The benefits of Reformed Plastics products:

  • It is UK designed and built
  • Bespoke design solutions
  • Safe and secure
  • No splintering
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to clean
  • A range of colours and textures
  • Will not need painting or staining
  • Will never rot
  • Strong, durable and wear resistant
  • Sustainable sturdy alternative to traditional materials
  • Non-slip decking
  • Lasts for over 50 years
  • Resistant to vandalism
  • Resistant to salt water
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Resistant to insects and bacteria

Damned if you do ........ Damned if you don’t!

Debt recovery specialists in Dorset

Early American evangelist Lorenzo Dow (d. 1834) coined these words while condemning other preachers who 'make the Bible clash and contradict itself, by preaching somewhat like this: 'You can and you can't - You shall and you shan't - You will and you won't - And you will be damned if you do - And you will be damned if you don't.'

I am applying the term to the situation where you have provided a service to a client and haven’t been paid, your credit control procedures have been followed, reminders and statements sent and yet you still haven’t received payment. Do you send 7 day letter or not?

Harcourts property management Southampton

Renting your property: how to get it right

Property Management – Enjoying the benefits and avoiding the headaches

It should be straightforward and uncomplicated to rent out a property.

There is clearly a shortage of housing and this situation is only going to get worse and yet being a landlord can mean that you have to be an expert in what is often very unclear legislation.

Expert HR solutions for your whole business

Goodbye Annual Pay Reviews

Recent Budget changes on pay scales, reviews - and what they mean for employers

aeg prints

AEG Prints Ltd

An easy order process with AEG Prints.

We want to take every customer though a good customer journey, which is why we ensure we have a smooth, hassle free ordering process.

How can I order a piece of personalised clothing?

We offer all our customer three easy ordering processes

Give us a call:

Simply give us a bell and we will talk to you over the phone, answer any questions, give you prices and plan your order. We always then email you to check your order to make sure we have got it as fantastic as it can be!

Ping us an email:

We answer all emails us two hours, which means we can get your order underway within 24 working hours! Our friendly team will be able to send you over more information, costs and lead times.

Come and visit us:

We would love to see you. Pop down to our head office in Southbourne, Bournemouth. Look over samples, colour charts and you can even see our machines in action.

We know your time is valuable, thats why we work around you and help you in every possible way.

We have lots of information on our website:

Ping us an email today and we will answer your questions: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Come and see us: 163 Stourvale Road (Unit 2a) Bournemouth, Dorset BH6 5HQ

blu lake

Blu Lake

Three tips to celebrate UK Older People’s Day

Did you know, Saturday 1st October, is UK Older People’s Day? Part of the UN International Day of Older Persons, this great day is a chance to celebrate the contribution that those who have lived longer lives make to communities and businesses.

aeg prints

Look the part with AEG Prints!

Here at AEG Prints we want you and your organisation to look the part! Thats why we offer both in house printing, and in house embroidery - we are the one stop shop for all your garment needs.

Whats is better, printing or embroidery ?

Both are great methods to personalise garments, however they both have very different effects and needs. Because we offer both printing and embroidery we can supply you with one or the other, or both!


Embroidery is a very professional and high quality look, which always look fantastic when your organisations logo or name is embroidered onto a garment. Embroidery is long lasting and can be added to almost any garment.


Printing is a great way to personalise garments for events and special occasions. Its great for adding text and large images to garments, to make you stand out above the rest.

How will I know which one to choose?

That is where we come in! If you are unsure whether you want embroidery or printing come and see us and we would love to help you. We have loads of examples we can show you and we will be able to advise you whether we think you should have embroidered or printed garments.

Visit our website for more information or email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Sue Leach

10 tips to ease your Hayfever

Spring at last… This weekend the clocks change, the birds are busy building their nests and we're already beginning to see some regular sunshine.

Yippee, say most of us! Except the hayfever sufferers. With trees budding, green shoots poking their heads up and pollen floating in the air, people are now getting the first hints of itchy eyes, runny noses and sniffles and sneezes. I'm getting at least one call a day from someone requesting help for their hayfever.

As well as using homeopathic tinctures to de-sensitise people to the pollens that trigger their hayfever and giving them tablets to match their specific symptoms (see special offer below), I also suggest these 10 easy self-help tips to ease their hayfever.

Stopping Unwanted Habits Southampton

Stopping Unwanted Habits

There are good habits and bad habits, wanted habits, unwanted habits. It’s great to have the habit of exercising, probably not so great to have the habit of always having a chocolate biscuit every time you have a hot drink.

Some habits can be just a little but quirky, but others can cause real problems.

Constant nail-biting is not only un-hygienic and unsightly, but can also cause pain and soreness of the fingers. Likewise skin picking. Compulsive hair pulling, which is known as Trichotillamania or Tric for short, is not uncommon and can be a very distressing condition. Perhaps you know someone who has habitual actions or movements perhaps?


There’s nothing quite like summer in the garden…

Reformed Plastics offer everything from Decking to Furniture to help transform your garden!

Reformed Plastics is a family run business who offer a wide range of products, perfect for schools, businesses, restaurants and the home, just to name a few. You can feel good about yourself knowing you’re doing your bit to help and protect the environment as out products are made from 100% Recycled Plastic. All the plastic used is recycled in the UK and is a perfect alternative to wood.

Our aim is to help rebuild the environment by utilising a commodity which people would otherwise just throw away, and so turn what to some would be rubbish into a vulnerable product for everybody.


Can’t pay or won’t pay?!

By Diane Bantten - Acquit Debt Recovery

We all know that the economy isn’t in a happy place at the moment, we all know about the double dip recession and we all know that times are generally hard. It is hard to win new work and therefore when we do, we really want to hang on to that client ........ don’t we?

What about the client that starts off brilliantly, offers you new work frequently, pays on time and gives you repeat work – ideal! However, it seems to be more and more prevalent that that ideal client is starting to pay later and later, your credit control procedures may say chase after 30 days – how many of you are still waiting for payment after 90? Do you carry on working for them or do you put them on stop OR are you so frightened of upsetting them that you do nothing? To my mind, a client that doesn’t want to pay for your service or is unable to isn’t an ideal client at all!


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